Happy New Year, and a new single too!

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Well, let me start by saying that I wish every single one of you reading this all the very best for 2022! The global pandemic seems to be dragging on without a clear conclusion in sight at the moment, so I guess we’ll need to keep hunkered down to some extent or another for a while longer.

In 2021, I had my head deeply in my music projects as much as real life would allow. However, I struggled with worsening TMJ disorder this year as well – an unfortunate byproduct of a (necessary) dental surgery I had almost 3 years ago. Unfortunately the symptoms this brings make it very uncomfortable to play saxophone and sing, amongst other things. So I really had to accept this situation this year and adapt to it by working on other aspects of my projects and writing new material, while starting a series of TMJ treatments that will hopefully alleviate my symptoms by the first quarter of 2022.

With that said, I did release a new single on New Year’s Eve 2021! Titled “Spitfire (Termagant)“, it’s a very quirky, tongue-in-cheek pop/rock song about life’s more challenging relationships. As I’m typing this, I’m working on this song’s accompanying music video, which I will release ASAP.

That’s all I’ve got for now – I’ll post another update soon! 🙂